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Many competitive startups are vying for top talent. This intervention should fit the needs of the organization and should be based on causal knowledge of outcomes. In addition, the organization needs to be able to absorb the changes effectively. Organizations must change as often as technology, consumer tastes, and cultural needs demand. Whether an in-house professional or consultant, they create organization-wide or department-wide strategies to implement change. Microsoft has a product -type divisional organizational structure based on functions and engineering groups. He receives global recognition as an HR thought leader and regularly speaks on topics like People Analytics, Digital HR, and the Future of Work.

For this to take place, the organization needs to be clear on its mission and vision. For example, Nintendo is famous for video games. It’s true that these two functions complement each other. The need for all staff to work across three hospitals, may require the organization to find a way to reduce travel costs for employees.

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When a company is involved in organizational development, it analyzes work processes for efficiency and accuracy. The University of Louisville is committed to and will provide equality of educational and employment opportunity for all persons regardless of race, sex, age, color, national origin, ethnicity, creed, religion, disability, genetic information, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity and expression, marital status, pregnancy or veteran status. The main goal of organizational development is improvement. This means that organizational development differs from the incidental change process. Additionally, measurable objectives, which define the expected results, form an integral part of the overall plan. Sometimes, OD functions are located in the HR function, but not always. Typically, a classification of OD interventions would include human process interventions, technostructural interventions, HRM interventions, and strategic change interventions. To achieve this there is a strong focus on total employee involvement in the continuous improvement of products, processes, and workplace culture. OD is a data-based approach to change that involves all of the ingredient that go into managerial planning. This is referred to as the functional structure. Microsoft used to demonstrate a flawed perspective on incentives, which justifies the attention to it. The process of organizational development has several moving parts. To ensure that the chosen solutions fit the individual subdivisions within the company, the active engagement of employee voices would be helpful. For an HR professional, there are huge benefits to mastering them. This usually happens in a meeting between the manager and the OD members. OD provides an integrated way of approaching these challenges. Burton, RM, Obel, B & Desanctis, G 7566, Organization design: a step-by-step approach, 7nd edn., Cambridge, UK, Cambridge University Press. So a consultant would be brought in when things are really bad, with the situation decreasing in severity simply because time passes by.

As Figure 9 demonstrates, the company’s threats existed largely in the external environment segment, as Microsoft was entering a Red Sea market with high competition levels. Furthermore, as markets and organizations change, new problems can arise, leading to the push for further development. This is IvyPanda's free database of academic paper samples. Download this concise introduction to OD. For example, a contact center focuses on taking complaints from customers. Change helps to bring new ideas and ways of doing things, and it ensures that an entity is innovative and profitable. After providing the client with feedback, an intervention needs to be created. A proper plan and efficiency standards are put in place to ensure that the new switch is sustainable. So, below are some of the importance of organizational development ( OD ).

Understanding OD means you can identify which elements of core HR functions need to be focused on, in order to support the organization as a whole, in becoming more efficient. This is where HR professionals have a head-start in understanding OD. We will break the core aspects of OD processes down into seven steps. Microsoft has a product -type divisional organizational structure , with each division focusing on a specific line of goods and services. Intergroup interventions are aimed at diagnosing and understanding in-group relations. By 7569, the technological market environment offered a significant number of digital products and alternatives to a prospective customer. And improvements among staff, will result in organizational wide improvements.  To learn more about organization design, we highly recommend Cummings & Worley’s 7559 book Organizational Development & Change, which can be found here. Organizational development has existed as long as organizations have been around. This approach places more importance on learning from mistakes and failures, than punishing them. However, in addition to being trained in OD, these professionals need to have excellent interpersonal and project management skills. Usually, the measures include such things as training seminars, workshops, team building , and changing the makeup or structure of teams. Once a system has been implemented, opportunities for improvement start to show. It contains thousands of paper examples on a wide variety of topics, all donated by helpful students. These steps outline how OD relates to human resource management functions. Organizational development has often been attributed incorrectly, as a function of human resources. If that is not the case, feedback is assessed and used to bring about the required change. OD focuses on building the organization’s ability to assess its current functioning and tweak it to achieve its goals. One approach to change is employee development &ndash a critical focal point is a reward for motivation and success. This school considers organization development in the context of both its internal and external environment.

Both, however, are critical to the organizational development process. As a result of increased productivity and innovation, profits and efficiency increase. Organizational development is essential, as it helps organizations transition into a more productive phase. The program requires eleven courses, either 88 credit hours (portfolio/fieldwork) or 86 credit hours (thesis option–not available in all academic plans).

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The only thing that stays constant in a business is change. There are a few elements in this definition (adapted from Cummings & Worley, 7559 ) that stand out. Relevant degrees include training and development, human resources or instructional design. It also defines the purpose of the organization. The investigation of the most appropriate methods of motivation can be framed with the help of existing theories, for instance, that by Maslow, which is especially helpful in pointing out non-monetary factors that can motivate humans. Human process interventions are change programs that relate to interpersonal relations, group, and organizational dynamics. Despite each division having some autonomy, divisional heads must still report directly to Nadella. How future-proof are your HR skills? Of considerable merit to organizational development is effective communication, interaction, and feedback in an organization. As the company scaled over time it also became more hierarchical, however still keeping its hybrid approach between functions, engineering groups, and management. The database is updated daily, so anyone can easily find a relevant essay example. Typical organisation development process implemented by one leading Indian company is presented in four stages summarised in Figure. Organizational development is a critical and science-based process that helps organizations build their capacity to change and achieve greater effectiveness by developing, improving, and reinforcing strategies, structures, and processes. This also emphasizes the relevance of OD. Not all conflicts are bad, but bad conflicts should be resolved quickly.

That cycle involves a problem being detected, data gathered, analyzed, presented and new policies being implemented. Organizational development is never “one size fits all.” For example, a nonprofit organization may find it easier to focus on mission, since people who work at their organization are passionate about a cause. These goals vary between organizations. These interventions are targeted to the individual, often aimed at improving communication with others. Once an organization defines and understands its challenge, an action plan is put together. Systems of all kinds the units throughout society that are human organizations existing to accomplish some purpose. If the required change does not take place, the organization looks for the cause. Kurt Lewin , thought of as the father of organizational development, simply called the change process unfreezing , change , and refreezing. Contents What is organizational development? This program educates professionals who lead workplace performance, development, and learning through discovery and critical inquiry.  Students and graduates work in corporations, government agencies, health-care organizations, the military, non-profit organizations, education institutions, and community-based groups. This means the company has a comparatively higher number of subordinates under a single manager. Any quality control measures required to attain company standards are put in place. In other words, human resources is individualized and organizational development is holistic.

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Although this structure provided order and relative stability to Microsoft throughout 7556–7568, it had flaws. Proponents of this approach view organization as a system which can be changed and developed to best achieve its goals and objectives. Continuous change is an intervention that enables organizations to improve gradually, by making small incremental changes. Without organizational development as part of change management, a company would have a difficult time developing effective change management programs. Through competitive analysis , consumer expectations, and market research, organizational development promotes change. Francis, H, Holebeche, L, & Reddington, M 7567, People and organisation development: a new agenda for organisational effectiveness, London, UK, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. This can include an appraisal of documents, focus groups , customer or employee surveys, hiring consultants, and interviewing current employees. By the end of this guide, you will have a solid understanding of organisational development. It clearly and powerfully defines the purpose of organization to its employees and the public. You can use them for inspiration, an insight into a particular topic, a handy source of reference, or even just as a template of a certain type of paper. This way, the company will be able to check its ability to engage employees in decision-making while proceeding to improve its means of motivating employees. The OD consultant could present via slide-show, their key findings to management.

Total quality management is also known as continuous process improvement, lean, and six-sigma. Diversity is a source of innovation. This guide has provided a strong grounding in the complex area of organizational development. A barrier to organizational development is how confusing this area can be for managers. Ibarra, H & Rattan, A 7568, ‘Microsoft: instilling a growth mindset’, London Business School Review , vol. The vision statement is set in the future tense. Take our 65 minute assessment to find out! However, the company was founded in 6889 to create card games. Many universities offer undergraduate and graduate programs specifically geared for a career in organization development . These are organizational development techniques that focus on the way the individual is managed. These are becoming increasingly relevant to today’s technological landscape, with rapidly changing markets. In the admin team at the three hospitals, the problem is not having enough staff to cover sickness in each hospital. The goal here is to create a job that is interesting and challenging for the person doing it. Third-party interventions are often used when there are conflicts. The strength of Microsoft’s new strategy consisted of improved reaction to external factors (in particular, customer preferences and trends in the industry). Microsoft also contains two geographic divisions: United States and International. As mentioned earlier, there is a lot of confusion between organizational development and human resources. Transorganizational change involves change interventions that move beyond a single organization.

However, the focus of human resources is people. Employee wellness interventions include stress management programs, and employee assistance programs. Similarly, problems are identified and priorities and improvement targets are set, before working on the identified issues. Change is becoming a constant factor, which means that it is near impossible to just implement technology and be done with it. Work can be designed to achieve an outcome as quickly as possible. Technostructural interventions refer to change programs aimed at the technology and structure of the organization. However, they may not necessarily be as excited about operations and processes. The term OD emerged in the 6965s, as a way to describe managing the behavioral aspects of people, within organizations. Again this seems fairly simple — but not so quick. They address social factors and aim for a healthy work-life balance. These interventions are aimed at the content, structure, or process of the group. Check out our Learning Bite to learn everything you need to know about Organizational Development for HR! As will be shown below, the strategy, structure, processes, coordination and the overall architectural design needed to be re-evaluated to accommodate the new vision and mission of the company. However, whereas HRM focuses specifically on people practices, OD takes a more holistic approach. However, when there are sickness absences, often no staff are available to cover. Job enrichment is part of work design. Sometimes it’s part of a services department, corporate strategy, or internal consulting. These OD intervention techniques are aimed at increasing diversity. This program can be completed in a traditional classroom format or  entirely online. For successful deployment of an OD initiative, there must be a culture of trust and employee engagement. Data collection is often time-consuming and critical for the success of a project.

This is especially critical when capital may be limited and employees trade sweat equity for real equity. With over 678,555 employees in 7569, Microsoft was organised into five divisions, each responsible for its respective branch of service, which allowed for simultaneous management of different Microsoft -related businesses and projects (see Figure 5). (a) unfreezing (b) changing (c) refreezing. NTI students only LEAD 565  must be taken in the first year of the program.

Students are required to take 88 credit hours minimum. This creates a unified company with universal standards of performance and progression. Microsoft-LinkedIn transaction. The process of organizational development identifies areas of company operations where change is needed. Techniques like financial planning, long-range forecasting, integrating technology, workforce planning, and designing appraisal systems can be added, as well as many, many more. The process is the way in which the group carries out its core tasks. The plan lays down all the intervention measures that are considered appropriate for the problem at hand. As we mentioned, this is not an exhaustive list.

Only when these criteria are well-defined, progress can be measured. OD is both systemic and systematic. This is where organizational development diagnoses problems and creates a strategic plan. Or, emphasis may be placed on employee satisfaction (which can lead to a higher quality of outcome, but often this is more costly).

Since the organizational development process is complicated, implementation processes are a key element of the model. The staff are only trained to work at one particular hospital. Under Steve Ballmer, Microsoft changed from a simplistic to a divisional organisational structure in order to accommodate the rapid expansion of the company due to the increased popularity of its products (Daft 7559). A few years later, Snapchat hit 65 million active users in its first year. Great organizations evolve continuously. The method of diagnosis usually takes the form of data gathering, assessment of cause, as well as an initial investigation to ascertain options. Chao, RO & Kavadias, S 7567, ‘Innovation strategy at Microsoft: clouds on the Horizon’, Darden Business Publishing Cases , pp.

Designing work in a way that leads to optimum productivity is called work design. On top of that, IT is redefining how traditional business models work, creating innovative companies with the ability to scale their services to a worldwide audience in the timespan of only a few years. Their strategy may be to address issues and bottlenecks to stabilize the environment so the mission continues. Information gathered is used to re-evaluate the challenges in the first step. Violeta, S & Diana, S 7568, ‘Purchased goodwill and types of synergies in businesses combinations. In brief , OD diagnosis attempts to analyse the current state of the organisation in terms of various structures, systems and process in order to identify actual and potential strengths and weaknesses. A common type of transorganizational change is when a company buys, or merges with, a competitor. Want to add Organizational Development skills to your HR toolkit? It grew out of a manufacturing emphasis on quality control.

On top of that, advanced people analytics can help to further drive organizational outcomes. As an example, if training classes are preferred over other methods, test results will form the basis upon which the training process is evaluated. Effective change management revolves around motivating change, creating a vision, developing support, managing the transition, and sustaining momentum. These outcomes vary across organizations. He is an expert in shaping modern HR practices by bringing technological innovations into the HR context. However, you need trust from not only stakeholders, but all employees, to implement change. Product innovation requires the analysis of several kinds of information to be successful.

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Another effect to keep in mind is a regression to the mean. But what is organizational development, and why is it so critical to company success? This transformation, initiated by Satya Nadella in 7569, required significant alteration in organisation design and development. Successful engagement of employees leads to increased innovation and productivity. Erik van Vulpen is the founder of AIHR. At the hospitals, it is likely that not all staff will want to shift from working at one site to working across three. This information is used to alter the company business plan and plan the expansion and use of company resources such as personnel and the distribution network to accommodate future growth. In this phase, it is key for the OD consultant to give information back to the client in a way that’s understandable and action-driven. This model is used by many organizations to guide the OD process. Each need is analyzed, and the potential effects are projected into a change management plan.


In essence, the process builds a favorable environment in which a company can embrace change, both internally and externally. Program Purpose:  To prepare professionals who lead performance, development, and learning in career and technical education through discovery and critical inquiry. Examples of factors to be taken into account are skill variety, task identity, autonomy, and feedback. An organizational development practitioner is someone who helps create organizational change.

Change for the better, Tracy Chisholm, Annette Martell, Communication World. Williams, J 7569, ‘Microsoft CIO talks innovation, career growth, and dogfooding 8767 , IT Professional , vol. This exposes incumbents to disruption. Key activities in organizational design are reengineering and downsizing. Instituted by Bill Gates , centralized decision-making standardizes work output and removes the potential for personal biases. Often, the third party is the OD consultant. The system turned into five loosely connected businesses with poor cooperation and coordination. According to it, OD is the effective implementation of the organization’s policies, procedures and programmers. These organizational development techniques focus on the change processes that shake the organization to its core. Any new staff would be trained to work across all sites as well. OD relies on a set of humanistic values about people and organizations that aims at gaining more effective organizations by opening up new opportunities for increased use of human potential systems. The contact center has a hierarchical structure with a director, managers, and customer service staff. Microsoft remained the main provider of PC software systems, but its presence in the mobile market was practically non-existent. It refers to activities that help groups improve the way they accomplish tasks.

It entails what its name describes &ndash research and action. This could be starting new activities or changing the menu options. OD focuses on accomplishments and results. The structure is how a group is designed to act on the content. This might seem quite familiar to you this process is not unlike the people analytics cycle. Unlike Apple – where decision-making is made by all levels of management – Microsoft remains predominantly centralized with decisions made by those with authority. Are mission statements and vision statements really still relevant? There’s a lot involved in organizational development processes. It can also be how reactive the organization is to changing market demands. It is, therefore, a continuous process, whereas change processes are often temporarily. Procedia: Social and Behavioral Sciences , vol. There are 5 initiatives to the organizational development process. Nadella’s changes were informed by a single, unique vision, which made them align well with the general goal of creating a more innovation-focused company. Microsoft 7569, Employee engagement and communications in the modern workplace, Web. HR is at its core about people, and how best to utilise people for the benefit of an organization. Want to dive deeper into this topic and find out how you can turn your organizational culture into your business 8767 s most powerful asset? Costs come down because the organization can better manage employee turnover and absenteeism. Active organizational development increases communication in an organization, with feedback shared continuously to encourage improvement. The value of corporate values, Reggie Van Lee, Lisa Fabish, and Nancy McGaw, Strategy and Business Summer no 89 issue 7, 7555. The first stage is about scoping out the problem. This includes age, gender, race, sexual orientation, disabilities, and culture, and value orientation.

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Continuing to invest in development interventions — as well as OD practitioners — will ensure that your company always has the right skills and vision to be able to thrive. This can be the people (a business leader like Elon Musk, or the Google team), an innovative product (SpaceX), superior service (Four Seasons Hotels), or culture (Zappos). In corporate companies, increasing profits is likely to be a chief concern. Finally, business systems become better at measuring relevant data, changing the way success is measured. This involves rethinking the way work is done, preparing the organization, and restructuring it around the new business processes. The process requires the facilitative role of a change agent to assist the organization in redirecting its functioning. Such processes aren't often recognized as organizational development — but they are. Organizational development is critical to product innovation because it can help analyze each element of product development and create a method for using it effectively. These interventions are somewhat in the middle, of confrontation and intergroup interventions.  The aim is to bring a large number of organization members and other stakeholders together. These levels are organizational, group, and individual.

But it was only given the identity of the “process for change” when scientists, organizational psychologists and business-minded scholars began to research and formalize it. The feedback and assessment step often involves proper investigation of identified problems so that there is a deep understanding of the challenge at hand. A confrontation meeting aims to identify problems and improvement targets, and set priorities. Using tools like organizational design, individual and group interventions, work design, and more traditional people interventions, OD can operate at all levels of the organization. These are some of the earliest and best-known OD interventions. Let’s take an example to follow throughout these seven stages. A conventional approach in the organizational development process is the action research model. This refers to the phenomenon that arises when there’s an extreme situation, or outlier, that returns to its normal state. Depending on which approach your organization chooses, the skills needed will differ. So, we can see that knowledge of OD enables improvement within the HR department. Thus, this recommendation offers a complex change that would incorporate the application of the currently existing employee voice mechanisms to gather feedback and ideas regarding the improvement of Microsoft’s incentive system. External strategy consultants also frequently utilize OD techniques in change management projects. Observer bias is the tendency to see what we expect to see. Only a certain percentage are escalated to management depending on how serious and complex, a complaint is. Good performance management includes techniques such as goal setting, performance appraisal , and reward systems. Data collection methods include existing data from work systems, questionnaires, interviews, observations, and ‘fly on the wall’ methods. Organizational development can partner with sales enablement to identify gaps and provide training. Evaluators analyze a duplicate process or processes that can be combined for greater efficiency, and develop and implement detailed plans on how to improve company methods. A possible intervention which the organization could implement at the three hospitals is training all current staff to work across all hospital locations.

Lastly, effective interventions measure their own success and are created in a way that enables comparison between the state of affairs before and after. You can see that there are many OD interventions, relating to Human Resource Management functions. Within charities, the cultural values are of high importance. Check out our full guide on Cultural Transformation here.

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The goal of OD is to systematically move people toward change for better results.  This is a process that involves changing the basic character of the organization, including how it is structured and the way it operates. Organizational (structural) design. In Organization Development (OD), O represents Organizations i.e. The company had five separate R& D, Sales, and Customer service departments, along with the supporting infrastructure. Implementing organizational development requires an investment of time and money. OD is centrally concerned with assisting an organization implement strategy, to its peak ability.

Often confused with one another, they have two entirely different jobs. Policies such as performance management, goal setting, appraisal, and talent management practices are all important in achieving effective organizational development. Internal and external stakeholders work together collaboratively. We already touched briefly on the goals of organizational development. Strong candidates should hold an organizational development certification that demonstrates an understanding of the field. These incremental changes characterize the rapid evolution of technology. Myers, P, Hulks, S & Wiggins, L 7567, Organizational change: perspectives on theory and practice, Oxford, UK, Oxford University Press. D represents Development is about change & improvement growing towards something, getting better at one’s mission, improving how work gets done & people live their lives. OD is an integral approach to ensuring this constant change. The secondary problem is the high cost of this, due to needing to frequently hire agency staff. Organizational confrontation meeting. Organizational development is an important tool in managing and planning corporate growth. The OD department plays a crucial part in executing on this change. As the culture and norms of the workforce transform, organizational development is front and center. Once a plan is in place, the intervention phase commences. Organizational development is the use of organizational resources to improve efficiency and expand productivity.

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Furthermore, each has a separate research and development arm and dedicated sales and customer support staff. Intergroup relations interventions. At the three hospitals, the OD practitioner would look at HR and financial records. As can be seen from the information presented above, Microsoft’s organization has been dramatically improved under Nadella. In this situation, the situation is less likely to go from really bad to even worse, than from really bad to just bad – hence regression to the mean. Team building is the best-known OD intervention. However, improvement can mean different things to different organizations.

Success denotes that the desired change took place. This includes mergers, allying, acquisitions, and strategic networking. The contact center’s process is to record as quickly as possible, all complaints. There are different events that can trigger this, including external changes, internal conflicts, complaining customers, loss of profit, a lack of innovation, or high sickness absence or employee turnover.

The functional structure of the organization is key to how it will operate. This means that the organization spends a lot of money on agency staff. A major part of the change process is defining success criteria for change. The Hawthorne effect refers to the famous Hawthorne studies where subjects behaved differently purely because they were being observed. Here’s a list of 8 competencies that an organizational development practitioner should develop to be successful.

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